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Cloud Games

We have experience working on cutting edge games which run in the cloud.

Casual Games

Our extensive experience working on casual games really puts us in a position to deliver great experiences to our players.

Mobile Games

Releasing games to every major, mobile platform in the last three years using using many different technologies sets us apart.

Most Recent

The Road to Roku

We did a guest blog for Marmalade – so I thought I’d also post it here. A developer’s tale… Roku is a Marmalade-supported device which plugs into any HDMI enabled display. The latest version features a controller which is very similar to the Wii U in that it has a built in accelerometer which allows […]

Getting into the industry

Lemon Moose Games is two years old this week, which is quite an achievement considering that Tom and I fell into the business. We had both started university as mature students with the plan of entering the games industry through more traditional paths: get a good degree, build a portfolio and then apply for jobs. […]